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Residential & Commercial PV Systems: Professional Cert 

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Battery-Based PV Systems: Professional Cert

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PV Installation Proffessional 

NABCEP # 072619-028154

Kyle Sova

Owner / Lead Installer

Kyle Sova is a founder and manager of field operations, material procurement/utilization, and integration of the industries best practices into our finished products. Kyle has a broad range of electrical experience ranging from industrial DC electrical systems, commercial AC electrical systems, and solar photovoltaics (PV). His experience in solar PV has afforded him the opportunity to work on a variety of solar projects ranging from residential to commercial, and even large-scale community solar gardens. Over his many years working in the solar industry, Kyle has become a “PV Powerhouse” who has quickly risen through the ranks from field installer to full project foreman. His vast solar experience and knowledge was hard won through countless hours on blistering hot roofs, in sloppy muddy fields, and in tight crawl spaces and attics.  Kyle intimately knows the critical pieces and parts to successfully plan, build, and execute any solar project. Kyle prides himself on his core values of honesty, determination, and hard work and simply put…his day isn’t done until your system is installed safely, correctly, and your every concern has been addressed.

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