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Nicole Krueger

Front End Coordinator

Nicole is the volunteer Front End Coordinator for Aim High Solar, she's the one usually running the phones 8am - 5pm (option 1) and sending out a variety of emails. Nicole is often one of the first names a customer is likely to see as she is responsible for managing the Aim High Solar Media Outreach: Facebook, Twitter, and Website Design. She has a strong personal background in customer service and graphic design. Having watched Aim High Solar grow from the ground-up she's well versed in the mission and practice of the company. Nicole chose to volunteer her time with Aim High Solar due to a deeply held conviction in the goal of bringing Solar Energy to the forefront of social consciousness. Ecological initiatives being near and dear to her personal values, Nicole has previously volunteered her time with student documentaries focusing on a variety of ecological issues. She’s also involved herself with community outreach - clean-ups, science clubs, eco-awareness events as well as charity improv events. From the first time she saw the movie Fern Gully as a child, Nicole knew, green initiatives would be a life-long passion. Outside of the time Nicole volunteers with Aim High Solar she is currently pursuing an academic education in the medical field, her commitment to community health and well-being extending beyond a green mindset to a devotion to serving her community and fellow man.

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