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All Aim High Solar installs qualify for the 30% U.S. federal tax credit. Claiming your tax credit may feel overwhelming at first glance, but don’t worry – we will walk you through an easy step by step guide on claiming it.  First you will want to download the form 5695 from the IRS as well as the instructions that go with it by clicking on the links below.

Once you have the forms follow these easy steps:

1. On line one you want to fill in the total cost of the system.  This can be found from the total on the final invoice that we will provide you

2. Add lines one through 4 to fill in 5, then put .3 in line 6

3. Line 12 and 16 have to do with carry over.  If you have more credit then your tax liability then you will put the overage in line 16.  The following year you will submit this form again putting the amount from the previous year from line 16 into line 12.

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