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Black on Black Solar Array on a Roof Image by Benjamin Jopen


Ten Year Warranty

Aim High Solar covers your entire solar energy system for 10 years from the time of installation. This warranty covers any performance issues due to component failure and/or installation issues. For a comprehensive list of warranty coverage, including exceptions due to abuse or lack of care, please consult your Aim High Solar contract. If you ever have questions about warranty, or concerns about the performance of your solar energy system, please submit a service request or contact us directly.


Panels Warranty

Solar panels offered by Aim High Solar are covered by a limited manufacturer’s warranty that covers both the product and production. Warranty periods are available up to 25 years, depending on make and model of panel.

Inverter Warranty

Your inverter is covered by a limited manufacturer’s warranty for 10 or 12 years, depending on make and model. Extended warranties are available from the manufacturer as well. Ask your Aim High Solar representative for details.

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